Can I switch the helpdesk settings database option from Access to SQL Server option at later stage?

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Can you switch from Access or SQL database to Microsoft Exchange option at later stage, and vice versa, without losing data?

NOTE: The below steps are to be done from a system that has Team Helpdesk Manager addin installed. However, if that same system also has Team Helpdesk Agent addin installed, you need to first disable it from Outlook > File > Options > Add-Ins tab. follow this KB article – how to disable the agent addin from your Outlook. If you don’t perform this step, the switching of the database might not be complete.

If you are already running Team Helpdesk with one of the supported database option (eg. an Access or SQL database, or the Exchange/Outlook), you can simply go to Team Helpdesk Manager menu > Settings > Helpdesk Data Source, and then select a different database option from the data source type drop down.

And then press ‘Save‘ button. You would be prompted with a confirmation message box. Click ‘Yes‘ would import all the helpdesk settings from your previous database. And when this is done, it is successfully done for all users.