Benefits of using a helpdesk based on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

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Most of the companies and organizations today have an exchange server and use Microsoft Outlook. Most staffs use it for only sending email and scheduling meetings. In fact, they use only a small fraction of the features that their exchange server gives them. The truth is most organizations are not getting the maximum benefit that a powerful collaboration tool like exchange has to offer.

Why Helpdesk in Outlook?

Your support team members all use Outlook extensively – all day, every day for email communications, appointments, contacts, tasks etc. When they have relied that heavily on Outlook, why not let them support tickets or calls in Outlook, without ever leaving Outlook? When you have your address books, mailboxes and public folders stored on a central Exchange server, why would one want to use another unfamiliar, expensive application with external database, just to log in tickets? Why pay for one or more standalone products, and all their associated cost and training time required in installation and deployment, when you can leverage Microsoft Outlook to fulfill that needs, which by the way is already been running at all times in your desktop?

The problems with helpdesks based on Outlook

Microsoft Outlook itself is highly optimized for personal email exchange often falling short when it comes to providing a complete history of an event over time. When an email has been forwarded on to another helpdesk team member, the original owner loses insight into the progress. This has a serious implication, that is, in its original state, Outlook simply lacks the automation, reporting, reminders, and workflow to manage a support ticket request, which is critical for growing helpdesks looking to optimize and uniformly improve support staff/customer interactions.

The Solution – Extending your Outlook

Team Helpdesk System answers these limitations by integrating itself within the Outlook process (as an add-in) and extending it as an ideal platform to collect, track and resolve trouble tickets while sharing this information with your entire team, all with ease. Team Helpdesk make use of your Exchange server to increase productivity, increase effectiveness, or enhance internal communications between your support teams. It brings all of help desk functionalities and automation and tightly integrates with the easy workflow of Outlook, thereby allowing users to work in the same way they do with emails.

Because it is 100% Exchange server based, Team Helpdesk get deployed rapidly throughout your organization, with zero impact on the desktop. And by presenting users with the Outlook user interface they’re already familiar with, training time and costs are greatly minimized.