Asset inventory tracking and management in Team Helpdesk System

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Through the support for assets tracking and management, Team Helpdesk System can play a vital part to the helpdesk team that wants to get the most out of its IT assets. The asset management module within the Team Helpdesk System provides a centralized repository for all of your organization’s hardware and software inventory.

An asset may be cataloged and categorized by Asset Types. All the asset fields except for the asset name can re-titled to adapt and take any of your organization’s intrinsic properties of inventories such as association with Make, I.P. Address or Model information; providing invaluable information directly from trouble case to the technicians resolving the support request.

There are 5 asset fields available out of which 4 are customizable according to the need of your organization. Out of the four, two of them are drop-down fields. In the above screenshot, we have taken the example of computing resources used by internal staffs. We have customized the 2nd and 3rd fields as Asset type and Asset OS, which takes a drop down list. Both the drop down lists are available on the grids to the right. The 4th and 5th fields (eg. Asset IP, Asset Make) take the normal text data. The titles of these customizable fields can be set in ‘Asset Fields’ settings.

Team Helpdesk provides a means for the technician (in Outlook and web) or the customer (via web form) to create a hard-link between a troubled asset and a case. Technicians can easily view every problem and incident ever reported on a specific asset. In Outlook, the support case form has a special tab for assets that not only shows the asset details, but also relevant cases that are associated with the same asset problem.

Asset options in support case form in Outlook:

Asset options in web support case form in Technician Web Access (TWA) site:

Asset options in web support request form in Caller Web Service (CWS) site:

Associating problems and incidences with actual hardware and software inventory is crucial in a helpdesk to:

– maintain proper preventative incident management

– find the core problem to repetitive issue or problem that is plaguing a large group of end-users.