2 parts of Team Helpdesk – Manager and Agent add-ins

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Team Helpdesk comes in two parts – Manager add-in and Agent add-in.

The Manager add-in is meant for the helpdesk admin to configure and administer the global helpdesk settings. This manager add-in additionally also provides automation features such as monitoring any number of mailboxes for on-the-fly processing of email to tickets, track tickets for due date lapsed and SLA breach and even for servicing the Technicians Web Access (TWA) and Customer Web Service (CWS) sites (if configured).

The Agent add-in is meant for technicians/staffs who would work on the tickets in Outlook. This add-in provides the helpdesk logic and engine to every workstation and is required to be installed by every technicians. If it is not installed and when the user opens a ticket in Outlook, the form would show ‘Disconnected’. Once you installed the Agent add-in, it would show ‘Connected’. If the helpdesk admin needs to work on the tickets in Outlook, this Agent add-in tool needs to be installed too. It is perfectly fine to have both the Manager and Agent tool installed on the same system. But ideally, the manager tool is not required by most technicians.