First Published: 30th September 2016

What's new in 7.0?

Introducing a new consolidated preview form with interactive case information listing in 10 groups -
Analysis, General Information, Callers Information, Problem Information, Service Level, Time Spent, Custom Fields, Asset Fields, Additional Information and Logs.

A total of 4 sections/tabs are available, each of which can be hidden if not required under Team Helpdesk Agent > Personal Settings > UI tab. You can now assign technicians, add time spent on working on the cases or add associated users etc. directly from the preview form without needing to open the main form.

You can now edit a particular helpdesk data field directly from the preview form without actually opening it by double-clicking the particular listing.


Supports Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 as well as SharePoint Online.

Support various authentication mode, such as Forms, NTLM with or without ADFS, Single Sign On (SSO), Office 365,

Requires .NET Framework 4.5

Added keywords search feature in 'reply with KB' and 'reply with a FAQ' dialog boxes


Import technicians/callers from SharePoint

Supports auto create and auto map of helpdesk fields in chosen SharePoint list


Create new sub-site or list based on various SharePoint templates on the fly from the addin itself.


The setting for choosing what SharePoint data type to be used for 'Caller Name' and 'Technician' is now integrated into the mapping tool.


Faster loading of Case form - by default, each section of the form will only be loaded on demand

Added 2 new automated alerts along with customizable templates:
- Alert supervisors when a case is closed
- Alert managers when a case is closed


Supports Microsoft Azure cloud-based database for storing helpdesk settings



Update of 30th September 2016 (v7.0.0.170):

Fixed the issue with 'My Cases' Outlook view not taking the correct technician filter

Fixed the issue of Team Helpdesk toolbar not showing up in Outlook when a recurring appointment is selected.