First Published: 12th May 2014
Recent Published: 3rd February 2015

What's new in 6.3?

Changes as of 3rd February 2015

Ability to choose multiple default technicians in Problems list, companies list and callers list.

Likewise, under Team Helpdesk Manager > Email Monitoring, you can also choose multiple default technicians for each monitored mailbox/folder such that when a new case is raised automatically from an incoming email on that monitored mailbox/folder, the default multiple technicians pre-chosen for that monitored mailbox/folder is assigned to the case.


When you click 'reply to last email' or 'reply', 'reply all' or 'forward' in the case form, if you decide to not send it and cancel the email by closing the window, the new email sits idle in the draft folder and not removed. So over a period of time, you will have lots of emails that were cancelled. With this update, if an email that was cancelled (by clicking close button in the right top corner), that email will be removed from the draft folder automatically within 5 seconds of closing the email window.

 New updated CWS and TWA files (version 5.0). Previously, the Caller Web Access (CWA) site shows the time spent, notes and email history regardless of if you have checked/unchecked the options like 'Make Time Spent accessible to CWA site' or 'Make Email History accessible to CWA site' or 'Make private notes accessible to CWA site' under Team Helpdesk Manager > Web Access > CWS tab. This bug has been fixed in this update.

Added a new option 'Don't use default template in replies made from case form' under Team Helpdesk Manager > Notification Options > Options tab. If enabled, empty case. And then click 'reply to last email' button in the case form. And the email displayed should show empty body instead of using the 'Email to Caller' template

Added the ability to specify a time component under 'Between Dates' time period filter in Summary Reports. Now, you can generate reports based on a defined time period too.


Under Summary Reports, when exporting the report to a file (Plain Text or Excel 2007 2013), dates are being changed randomly from UK d/m/yy to US m/d/yy format. This is fixed in this update. The display format would be as per the date format setting under Control Panel > 'Region and Language'.


Last Major Changes: 12th May 2014

Added support for a single page view of all the sub-sections of the case form (such as custom fields, email history, time spent, assets, related cases, associated users, logs, notes etc). You will find two buttons on the top right portion of the case form (just right of print button) - Tabs View and Single Page View


The Tabs View is what was already there prior to this version (v6.3). In this view, you will find multiple sections or tab that shows information on the case selectively. One needs to navigate its way to the desired section to uncover the information beneath. This view is best used to reduce clutterness and information overload.


The new Single Page view clubs all the tabs/sections of the case form to present a continuous flow of information in the same page. Each section or tab is separated by a gray horizontal bar header. Clicking the bar hides or shows the information beneath the section. In this view, all the sections may not fit within the available screen area, but with the aid of the vertical scroll bar, you can navigate down to see the rest of the sections.

At any time, you can switch the case view to tabs or single page. And the add-in remembers your choice of View when you open another case the next time.



When exporting summary reports to excel, the column and row headers were not retained in the excel spreadsheet. Only the data were exported. This has been fixed in this update.

This error exception has been fixed
Team Helpdesk Common Library: Version
In Outlook version: 14 (x86)
At Line: 1040
In Function: Main.GenerateCase
Exception Number: -2147221233
Exception Description: The operation failed.
OS:6.1.7600.0 (Win32NT)
Module Version: Version .