Published: (10th, Janurary 2013)

What's new in 5.3/5.4?

Raise a new case after sending the initial lead/contact to the caller
Sometimes, the helpdesk team may need to initiate or start a case without a request directly from a user. For example, you send an user the serial number for a software they have purchased not because of a request they sent in. So, typically, in such scenario, you are initiating the communication by sending them an e-mail that says “Your key is xxxxxxx and here is a link to the software”. At the same time, you want a case to be opened based on that email sent to them.

Previously, the issue is that while yes, you can open a new empty case you have to first open the new case, which then e-mails the user telling them a new case has been opened. This will make no sense to the user because they didn’t send in a request and they will just get the template case opening e-mail. Then you would have to open up the case/ticket so that you can reply to the form e-mail/new case opening just to give them the initial information with their key/link to the software.

To overcome this usability aspect, we have provided a check option 'New Case' in the compose window of the email. So, when you enable this option, and press 'Send' button, the email will be sent successfully to the caller/contact. At the same time, Team Helpdesk will raise a new case based on that email, with populating the caller details and the description of the problem/email.

A new case is raised based on that email sent to the caller/contact.

Quickly reply to the last email responded/sent to the caller
When you click the 'Reply to Last Email' button in the case form, it will make a reply to the last email that was received from the caller or sent to the caller. Previously, this button only consider the last email that was received from the caller. To take the email sent to the caller, you will have enable the option Team Helpdesk Manager > Case Options > Others tab > 'Consider email sent out from helpdesk when clicking 'Reply to Last Email' in the case form.

This feature would greatly improve our productivity and decrease the amount of clicks required to accomplish your work (previously, you have to double-click to open case, click the e-mail history tab and right-click on the last e-mail that the technician sent to the user and select ‘Reply all’)

Sending confirmation notification email to the other recipients (CC users)
When a support case is first generated from an email, Team Helpdesk will sent out the case allotment notification email to the caller, as well as to the recipients specified in the CC field of the original email. The benefit is to allow anyone (on the CC line) to respond to the ticket thread without creating a new ticket

To enable this feature, enable the option Team Helpdesk Manager SP > Settings > Case Options > Others tab > Include CC users in the notification email sent to the caller when a case is generated from an email.

Editing a closed case without ‘re-opening’ the case
A new button 'Make Changes' is now available in the resolved case form clicking which would allow you to edit a case without the technician/user receiving a ‘case re-opened’ notification e-mail.

Marking a case as closed automatically - When Team Helpdesk encounters an email (continuation to an existing case), and if the email contains the phrases 'Close Case' in the subject or the body, the associated case will be closed automatically.
Time Format in HH:MM

You can change to time spent format from Team Helpdesk Manager SP > Case Options > Other tab > Show Time Spent as

Sorting of columns in Search Cases tool. You can click any of the column header of the search result and the cases list would be sorted in ascending or descending order respectively.
Added support for notification email templates in French.
Added the problem field of the case form for making it mandatory in Team Helpdesk Manager SP > Case Options > Mandatory fields tab.



When you create a new empty ticket manually, and then select a user from the Global Address List, it doesn't automatically fill in the name field or phone field. You have to click on the GAL search button, and then select the user a second time and on a second try it will then input their name and phone into the 'caller detail' area.
When you manually open a case, select 'disable notifications', save and close the ticket, then open it back up again and select to close the case, it still sends an automated case closure e-mail to our users.
In the Templates Manager, there may be listing of 'SDO_CASEDESCRIPTION' placeholder variable in certain templates. This is an oversight and the actual spelling should be 'SCO_CASEDESCRIPTION'.