Published: (13, July 2011)

What's new in 6.5?

bullet Helpdesk Service Hours - Now, manager can specify the service days and hours the helpdesk operates. With this mechanism, any automatic assignment of due date to support cases, including those triggered by SLA, would be adjusted to fall between the service days and hours (if specified). By default, service day start from Monday and ends at Saturday. You can choose the service starting and ending days as per your helpdesk requirement.

Once a service days and hours are specified, due date assignment will take note of the helpdesk unavailability accordingly. When specifying a SLA to a support case, the response time would be added to the current date/time, plus any helpdesk off-hours such that, the due date is always set within the service hours band. So, no longer you or other technicians would be sent due date lapsed or SLA breach automated notifications and alerts in off hours of the helpdesk.

The administrative panel for 'Helpdesk Service Hours' feature is available under
Team Helpdesk Manager > Settings > Service Level Agreements

bullet Use a dedicated tab for the Team Helpdesk specific buttons in Outlook 2007 and 2010 ribbons.
Because a few of you have requested to house the Team Helpdesk buttons and ribbons in a dedicated tab (in Outlook 2007 and 2010), we have now added an option to enable it. By default, this option is not enabled, which means, the Team Helpdesk buttons will be embedded in the standard Outlook ribbon tab i.e., there won't be a dedicated tab.

This is available under Team Helpdesk Client > Personal Settings

Team Helpdesk buttons embedded in the default Message tab of Outlook Mail item

Team Helpdesk buttons group available in a dedicated tab of the Outlook mail item.

bullet Force Send/Received action to immediately start the automated email delivery - We have been reported that the trigger of instant dispatch of automated notification emails from Team Helpdesk results in freezing Outlook for few seconds, during which time, Outlook is unusable. This behavior happens because internally Team Helpdesk add-in automates the clicking of the 'Send/Received' button so that, Outlook don't have to put the automated emails in queue and delay the notifications. However, if you are find yourself inaccessible to Outlook during such scenario, you can disable this particular option. If disabled (by default it is), Team Helpdesk will simply push the automated notification emails to Outlook for sending out. If Outlook was free a that time, it should be able to sent out the emails without much delay.

This option is available under Team Helpdesk Manager > Settings > Notification Options
bullet Shutdown options now added in the backstage view of Team Helpdesk Client and Manager addins (only valid for Outlook 2010)

Bugs Fix:

bullet In previous version, if you have added the Ongoing Cases to your Outlook favorites folder, and if you use this favorite shortcut to navigate to the Ongoing Cases folder, you might notice that, on subsequent Outlook restarts, Team Helpdesk starts prompting for database path. The workaround to this issue, was to not to use the Ongoing Cases folder in favorites. At least, this is what was communicated to users facing such issue. With version 6.5, we have enhanced this particular bit, and now, you can add Ongoing Cases and other Team Helpdesk folders to the Favorites, for quick navigation. The only exception to this is the 'Settings' folder.
bullet At times, you may find that the monitored folders and mailboxes under Team Helpdesk Manager > Settings > Email Monitoring and Automatic Assignment resets itself and all existing configurations are lost. You will have to altogether specify the folders and put back the automatic assignment configurations again. This particular issue is now resolved, and would no longer be an issue in version 6.5 and above.
bullet The option 'Do not reload helpdesk global settings when entering Ongoing Cases subfolder' was added in Team Helpdesk Client > Personal Settings, in earlier version to bypass the redundant re-loading of the helpdesk settings from the database whenever you navigate to the Ongoing Cases folder. However, this particular functionality had a bug, that prevents it from working the way it was designed to. This has been fixed in this particular release.

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