Published: (18th June 2011)

What's new in 6.4?

bullet Sorting of email history listings in descending order. In the Outlook case form, under Email History tab, the email listings are sorted in descending order (i.e., from the latest email received or sent to older emails).
bullet Notes and logs count available in the caption of the corresponding tab portion.

Bugs Fix:

bullet When you click the 'Assign Self' button in the Outlook case form, it might assign the case with a name different in representation with the one you had added in the Technicians List.
bullet When you use 'Reply to All' buttons in the Outlook Case form, the same account used in the 'From' field of the email might be available as one of the recipient in the 'To' field. This scenario might lead to redundant email and notification being added unnecessarily to the Case.
bullet You might sometime find that notification emails send out from Team Helpdesk are getting stuck at the Draft folder. And they remain there unless you open it one by one, and click the 'Send' button manually. This was a bug introduced in earlier version of 6.

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