Published: (29th April 2011)

What's new in 6.3?

bullet Default SLA, Problem Category and Type for newly generated Support Case - You can now set a default problem status, which Team Helpdesk will assign to newly generated case. This is only valid, to cases generated from emails, either manually or automatically.

bullet You can now insert Helpdesk placeholders variables inside the predefined FAQ or KB article, such that, when you insert or reply this FAQ or KB article from within the Support Case form in Outlook, Team Helpdesk will automatically substitute the variables with the actual value at runtime.


Bugs Fix:

bullet In version 6.2 we introduced the 'Send Outgoing email notifications with the original recipient mailbox account' feature. However, for some users, this particular feature might not work. We have appended some changes to make it work.
bullet If you enabled the 'Alert caller when technicians get assigned or get changed' notification, and if you generate support cases automatically from incoming emails, Team Helpdesk does not send out this particular notification to the caller. On manually generated cases, this notification however works. We have applied fix to this issue.
bullet When you enter new time spent in the Support Case form in Outlook, and press 'Ctrl + S' or the save button in the Outlook explorer button, and again add more time spent minutes to the case, and then close the Case form. If you re-open it again, you might notice that the recently entered time spent minutes are gone. This bug has been resolved with this update.
bullet In Outlook version:
At Line: 80
In Function: EmailManager.ProcessEmailThreadInCaseItem
Exception Number: 438
Exception Description: Object doesn't support this property or method

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