Published: (7th April 2011)

What's new in 6.2?

bullet Send Outgoing email notifications with the original recipient mailbox account
Version 6.2 now added the feature to send out notification emails and responses, using the original recipient mailbox account. This comes into effect, only, if there is no common mailbox account specified, for all outgoing emails from the helpdesk.

For example, assume you have two mailboxes, Support and Sales. And you receive support request email, say email A, to Support mailbox, and email B, to Sales mailbox. When Team Helpdesk processes and generates a case from each of these emails (either manually or automatically), Team Helpdesk will use the recipient account, for sending out the notification emails. So, when sending notification email to Caller A, Team Helpdesk will send it from Support account. i.e., the From: field of the email will have Support address, as the sender. Likewise, when sending notification email to Caller B, it will be sent from Sales account. i.e., the From: field of the email will have Sales address.

Do note here, you and other technicians, still need to have 'Send behalf Of' permission over the Support and Sales mailboxes. Otherwise, you will receive an error response from your Exchange Server, regarding inadequate permission to send email from that particular account.

bullet Default Status for newly generated Support Case - You can now set a default problem status, which Team Helpdesk will assign to newly generated case. This is only valid, to cases generated from emails, either manually or automatically.

bullet Automatic removal of recipient/technician mailbox account in 'Reply All' action - When you perform "Reply All" to an email from within the Outlook Support Case form, you might get the same recipient/technician account in the To: field. This unnecessarily send redundant emails to the recipient/technician mailbox account, as well as, save a copy to the Team Helpdesk History folder. Now, in such scenario, Team Helpdesk will automatically remove the recipient/technician account from the reply all email.

Bugs Fix:

bullet If you generate a support case out of an email, that was sent in Rich Text Format (RTF) format, the problem description or body portion of the Case item, loses formatting, and any inline images, existed, if any, are not available anymore in the case body. Instead, you might get something like "<<..>>" in the place of the inline image. The image itself is converted to a non-usable Device Independent Bitmap (DIB). In version 6.2, this has been fixed. Now, support cases can be generated without any loss of formatting or embedded images from RTF emails.
bullet When you try to re-open a resolved case from within the Outlook case form, Outlook might freeze, and the only way out of it, is to kill the Outlook.exe process. Or, you might get the following error message:

"The custom form could not be opened Outlook will use an Outlook form instead. "

This error/bug had been fixed, in version 6.2
bullet In Outlook version:
At Line: 120
In Function: CaseCode.GetNewTechnicians
Exception Number: 424
Exception Description: Object required

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