Updates on version 3.6 (20th May 2010):

bullet Support for French language - Special thanks to 'Julien NICOLAĻ', for helping us with the French translation. You can change the language option from SupportCalls Menu > Personal Settings.
bullet New feature - Automatically add open duration of the case window to the total time spent. To enable this feature, go to SupportCalls menu > Settings > Automation Options, and check 'Automatically calculate open duration of the case window and add it over the Total Time'. Another sub-option 'Only add open duration if there were any changes made to the case' is also available, which can be used to limit the automated addition of the time spent, if the case window was just opened and no changes were done.
bullet New Feature - Optionally enable WYSIWYG editor in the Summary reports, for customizing and formatting the generated reported instantly! To enable this feature, go to SupportCalls menu > Settings > Advanced Options, and check 'Make Summary Reports editable (in WYSIWYG editor)'.
bullet New option 'Allow technicians to edit the time stamp when editing Time Spent' added in SupportCalls menu > Settings > Advanced Options. If this option is enabled, the existing time stamp will be editable i.e, you can select a date/time from the date picker.
bullet In the previous version (3.5), if the option 'Automatically assign current technician to new empty case' (under SupportCalls menu > Settings > Automation Options) is enabled, it only assigned the current user to those cases generated from emails only. In version 3.6, if a new empty case is created (using the new button), SupportCalls System will also automatically assign the current user as the technician of the case too.
bullet In the previous versions, the 'Schedule' option of the 'Due Date for newly created cases' (under SupportCalls menu > Settings > Automation Options) only works for those cases generated from emails. With version 3.6, it is extended to newly created empty cases (created using the new button) too.
bullet You can now add SupporCalls placeholder variables into the FAQ and Knowledge base articles, and when you reply to a caller using a FAQ or a KB article, SupportCalls will automatically substitute any placeholder variables (such as SCO_CALLERNAME, SCO_CASENUMBER etc) that exist in the FAQ/KB. Note, this only works when you reply to the caller using the 'Reply with Answer', Reply with a KB' buttons on the Outlook case form. Refer to the Templates Manager (SupportCalls Menu > Settings > Template Manager) for the list of supported placeholder variables.
bullet SupportCalls now displays the total number of items available (in 'Email History' and 'Other cases from this caller' tabs) within the parenthesis of the tab caption. This helps you to get an instant awareness about new items availability.

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