Updates on version (17th Feb 2010):

bullet Support For German language
- If you are installing the client files the first time, then, SupportCalls would automatically detect the locale settings and would take the default language set in that system.

- If you are upgrading to this version, or if you want to change the language setting manually, you can do that from SupportCalls menu > Settings > Personal Settings.
bullet Fixes to the following bugs:
- In the case form, if there is a single time spent entry, and if you tried to delete it and save the case item, on reopening the case, the deleted time spent entry reappears, but the total time spent shows as zero. FIXED

- In Summary report, the 'Yesterday' time period report returns empty result, even if there are cases which were created, modified, due or closed on that particular time period. FIXED

In the 'Other cases from this caller' tab, if you tried to merge that case with another case listed, the merge might succeed, but the current case does not get deleted/removed (which should be, at the first place). FIXED

Updates on version (3rd Dec 2009)

New Features:

bullet SupportCalls menu > Settings > Workload
New Workload settings feature allows helpdesk manager to specify how the automatic processing of incoming emails or web requests should be handled. 
Support 3 ways:

a) Distribute equally to all technicians - This option will enable any available (first come, first basis) technician to get a handle on the monitored folder/mailboxes or on the web access site, such that all incoming emails/web requests are processed by this user.
b) Delegate it to a particular technician -Designate a technician to act as a dedicated user who will auto-process incoming emails/web requests.
c) Delegate it to a particular system - Designate a computer to act as a server to handle automatic processing of incoming emails/web requests.

You can designate one particular system which will be running all the time (eg. 24/7) such that it performs most of the automated and creation of support cases as well as send automated emails and SMSs to callers/technicians/managers etc. With this arrangement, you can also minimize the risk of having conflict messages from your Exchange server as well as have a central location where you can troubleshoot, if you encounter any problem.
bullet SupportCalls menu > Settings > Case Options
Reset or change case number count
- You can reset the case number count to zero (0) to start from scratch.
- You can change the current case number count to start from any number of digits of your liking.
bullet SupportCalls menu > Settings > Mobile messaging
Support for a third way of sending SMS - SMS via email service. More and more organizations are adopting the functionality of sending SMS to a mobile device via an email service. Format: <+CountryCode><Mobile Number>@EmailServiceDomain.com. Eg. +446234343434@sms.somecompany.com. With this, you can compose SMS message in Outlook as you would normally do, and input the MobileNumber@emailservice.com under the To field and send it. If you choose this option, SupportCalls system will use this technique to send any automated SMS message to the caller/technician. We have also given a field where you can input the default country code. This code will be used to append to the mobile number, on the fly, if the number does not have a country code prefix.
bullet Change the case number of a case item - Just double-click the case number in the Outlook form, and it would display a dialog, where you can change the case number to the next count. Useful, if for some reasons, two different case items got the same Case Number and you want to iterate one of them to the next available number.
bullet Choice of technicians in the Add Time Spent dialog
bullet In callers/technicians/problems list grid, you might have seen the column where you can specify a value from the drop down only. But if you want to make it empty, there is no way to do so. Now, we have added an empty string as the last item in the drop down list of any column, so that you can reset the value for the column.

Issues that are fixed:

bullet Previously, if the automatic addition of due date appointment/task to the technician's mailbox is enabled, creating a new case from an email or from scratch (empty) might not automatically add the due date appointment/task to the technician's mailbox. It is only added if you specify a due date and then saving the case. FIXED
bullet You might also encounter a situation where sending email to the Ongoing Cases folder creates a case, but at the same time, a post item is also created, and that leads to repeated generation of new cases (duplicates)FIXED
bullet If you have embedded images in the case description/body field, and print it, the embedded images do not display in the print output. Instead, there are empty rectangular boxes with the small red cross on the top-left corner. FIXED
bullet Sometime, you might land up with some cases with zero (0) as the case number and you might not find any way to get hold of a new case number without deleting it, and creating a new one with the same information.  FIXED
bullet In previous and past versions, if you don't enter the full mobile or phone number, including country code, or if you have not entered a well formed number, say, empty whitespace or hyphen in between, the phone calls or SMS notification might possibly fail to be delivered. In the current version, we have amended certain techniques where you can specify a default country code, which will be used in runtime, in case, there is no country code being prefixed in the phone/mobile number. It also now removes the hyphen/whitespace or leading zero to make it well formed. FIXED