Revision: 07th April 2009


Added new option to not monitor mailbox account used for 'Send on behalf'

What's new in this revision?

bullet Added support for exporting Outlook items to the following document formats -  filtered webpage (*.htm,*.html), web-archive single file (*.mht), Microsoft Word documents (*.doc), Adobe Portable documents (*.pdf), Paper Specification documents (*.xps).
bullet Support attaching a selected KB article as DOC, MHT, PDF or XPS document to an email in just two simple clicks!
bullet Newly created knowledgebase articles are assigned with a new identification number (starting 1001)
bullet New form for resolved cases folder (message class 'AMTSupportCase.Closed')
bullet Updated KB form
bullet Added three (3) new Outlook views for the KB folder - Author, KB Number and Priority
bullet Updated default email template contents.
bullet Inline images (as available in the original items, mails etc.) are now retained in the generated cases, KBs or on outgoing emails.

Bugs Fixes:

bullet When using SupportCalls with a public folder, newly created cases may disappear from the folder after a few seconds. This happens when the due-date is set to the current time, which unfortunately was tied to 'expiry time' field of Outlook. In the latest update, we have severe the link and cases should stay put in the folder after creation.
bullet In certain occasion, you might notice that you are unable to select a technician to assign to the case, nor able to specify a drop-down value. It would appear if all the form controls are unresponsive.
bullet When trying to save an existing case after working on it, you received an exception report from the SupportCalls System, followed by an Outlook message, even though you have appropriate rights over the public folder.
From Microsoft Outlook:
Your changes could not be saved because you don't have permission to
modify some or all of the items in this folder. Do you want to save a
copy of this item to the default folder for the item?

This is caused by an incorrect setting on the Public Folder (right-click  SupportCalls subfolder> Administration tab). The default setting is "Drag/Drop posting is a: Move/Copy". This allows anyone with the correct permissions to create or drag an item in the folder. When it's changed to Forward, the folder treats all items as forwarded items and the error occurs because the creator does not have permission to send mail on behalf of the folder. Fix: Change 'Drag/Drop posting' to "Move/Copy".

For more. refer to the MSDN knowledge base article:
Cannot Save Changes to a Public Folder Item